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Buyer - California
Hi AnnMarie,
I am so pleased with the entire process I can't even tell you.
This was my first online auction so at first I was a bit reluctant, which I think is human nature, but then I got so excited I just went for it.
The images and the information on the boards pulled me in and I am very pleased with my purchases.
It was a hell of a lot of fun as the auction winds down, it's at that moment you decide how much do I really want this board! I bought three and I will be back for more.
This was a great experience and very well done.
 Thank you, Don

Seller / Buyer - New Jersey
Jim,   I have been mulling over  what I would like to say  about  your auction. 
First: it  consistently has the finest selection of  surfboards, artwork, and surf memorabilia of any auction in the world. 
Second:   between you and your staff, the accuracy and genuine enthusiasm of you painstaking descriptions make any board you offer sound like the rare gems they are.
Third,  after dealing with you over a number of years your honesty  is truly refreshing, and is reflected in the far flung  sellers and buyers you attract. 
Fourth: The design of the auction and the ease of delivering and transport of (especially ) surfboards make it a pleasure . 
And finally it is exciting and FUN!  Your hard work and dedication really shows, and makes any and all participants feel  special  and privilege to be  involved in such a great event.      
Sincerely, Scott

Buyer - Connecticut
Hi Jim
Just a brief note to say thanks for putting on such a great auction.  My posters arrived safe and sound and we are really enjoying them. Looking forward to your offerings in next years auction.
Again, Great job !
Stamford, CT.

Buyer - Netherlands, Amsterdam
I, Menno vanSchagen  from the Netherlands like to let you know that AnnMarie and Jim and every other on Vintage Surf Auction did a great job handling all the rest that comes with this auction.
Thanks again  Menno, Netherlands (amsterdam)

Buyer - California
My only suggestion, have another auction really soon, that was fun!!!!

Buyer - California

Congrats on another exceptional surf auction.
Great entries, excellent descriptions and superb organization.
I can't wait for the next one.
(When's the book coming out;  I really look forward to reading all about the vintage boards.)
Scott, Malibu

Seller - New Jersey

Jim -

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed participating in the Auction. It could not have run smoother from start to finish.  Can't imagine how you and your staff managed to make the presentation for  each item so complete and, when appropriate, so personal. 

The no sniping program worked like a charm.  Am looking forward to another great event. 

Mahalo!  Les Reitman
1960s Hobie Surfboards Team Memeber

Seller - California

Hi Jim,

I couldn't have been more pleased with your professionalism, encouragement, and honesty.  I was initially a bit hesitant when you drove away with my board and told me it'll be about a $100 to repair the tail.  But true to your word, that's what it was and even better, that turned out to be a fraction of the sale price. 

You know your business plus you know the sport and its history.  Having never bought or sold anything on eBay personally, I was a bit leery of the online auction business model, needless to say I was impressed with the results and with the quality of the bidders as well (the guy that won actually came through with the payment).  My entire family kept checking on the bidding during the auction and it caused a lot of excitement, especially during this down economy.  

You also were able to sell my 'aloha racks' for me on the side and I appreciated that.  Anyway, I think I ran out of surfing stuff to sell (ha) but I'd like to know when your surfboard book is available and if my old board is in it.  

Thanks again!, Brian.

Seller - California

I highly recommend anybody who owns a piece of surf memorabilia and
Would like to put it up for auction, that they use USVSA.
Everything they did for me went smoothly, professionally and I would
Use them again should the opportunity arise.
Thanks again, Jim
Werner Davey

Buyer - Australia

Dear Jim,

I can truly appreciate the work that must gone into making this auction happen. The caliber of boards you had up for auction was incredible. From my point of view as a collector it's great to see that boards and memorabilia like you had are still around. Even the on looker that does not bid has full appreciation for what you guys have put together.

I have no suggestions how to improve the auction, what i like though is the fact no one can come in with 10 seconds to go and slam the winning bid like ebay.

Finally a great big Mahalo to AnnMarie for her help in freighting the boards........ As we say down my way,,,, ONYA, THANKS MATE!!


Neil Campbell

Buyer - California

The US VINTAGE SURF AUCTION was incredible. You and your staff are very professional and courteous. All my questions were answered promptly. Shipping of items was flawless. I always look forward to your auctions. Once again, thanks for putting on a classy, 1st rate, surf auction.
Trip M
Los Angeles, California

Buyer - California

I am somewhat challenged when it comes to online auctions. I am also skeptical when I cannot see something in person to determine it's condition. US Vintage Surf Auction was my first venture into this world and I was surprised, as this was a wonderful experience. The bidding was easy, all questions were answered in short order and the items were as described. After the auction was completed I sent my check, it cleared and my items were promptly packaged and shipped.
I will definitely participate in the next auction based on this positive experience".
AnnMarie.  I really do mean it....this was a great experience!
My thanks to you.


Buyer - New Jersey


Received the 3 boards. They are great.

Could you please send
the book pertaining to the auction.

All the best,
Steve A

Buyer - Washington

Congratulations and thank you for an amazing auction! That was so much fun. 
It was like being at a live auction only better. 

Because I'm in Washington I would have to to fly to any other auction.  Your online auction not only saved me a bunch of money but made it simple for me. 
I got to sit at home with couple buddies and beers while bidding.  The auction extension was really exciting and seemed to run very smoothly.  

I'm stoked with everything I won and am totally ready for the next auction.

I would recommend this auction to anyone.  Keep up the good work!

Mahalo, Peter

Seller - Hawaii

Aloha Jim,

Do you know just how STOKED I am?!!!!   Wow, is all I can say!  You are one helluva writer and organizer.  You do know how to promote and market and keep the surf stoke going at the same time.  I can't thank you enough, Jim!

By all means please use whatever I may send you in your testimonials.  You obviously know how to honestly promote one's surf collectable while giving the viewer and the bidder accurate and trustworthy information.  You don't see that any more in the marketing arena. 

Mahalo Jim, for your hard work and for your eye for detail.  Stay surf stoked!  You've got me feeling great about surfing again and just how fortunate we are to be surfers!  Like in my song, the lyrics .."the ocean is my home" has taken on more meaning today. 

I needed someone to help me wake up and smell the coffee today and you did.

Mahalo a nui loa,
Mike Young

Seller - California

Hey Jim,
How da waves be bradda ?
You did an excellent job with the advertising and layout of my board. I am really thrilled.
Have a great day in paradise, Werner

Buyer - Florida

You guys did a great job and I will definitely be in on any further auctions.

Thanks again, Colin

Buyer - Texas

Texas collector of over 30 years here.  You continue to bring top dollar even in this bad economy.  Very few under priced items and many brought top dollar.


Buyer - California

The board arrived yesterday in perfect condition! Thanks for everything!


Seller - New Jersey


Just a note to say thank you for the time and dedication you put into this venture;  I know personally how much you went above and beyond the call of  duty to say the least.  It seemed to go off like clockwork and kept me on the edge of my seat till about 2:00 AM our time.  I couldn't guess what was going on behind the scenes.

Am looking forward to the next spectacular.  Please put an autographed copy of the your Vintage Surfboards Book aside for me.

Mahalo.  Les

Seller - California

Hi Jim,

I just wanted to send you a thank-you for all your hard work that went into making this auction a success.  Needless to say I was quite happy about how my board did, especially during this recession.  You are a reputable, stand-up guy and a pleasure to do business with.
When is the 2nd edition of your book coming out?  I'd like to get a copy.  

Thanks, Brian.

I think you guys did a terrific job!  Some very big bucks and that is a very good sign.  Everybody on the selling end should be very happy and it does prove our passion is alive-and-well.
I know this takes a lot of effort and I hope you can keep up with this.  You really have something good going here for everybody.  With your experience, you really seem to have a good idea of what is acceptable to sell.
                                                                                                                    Your friend, Rog

Buyer - California

Jim, congrats!

I am very proud of your hard work and accomplishments. I''m ready to consign some stuffs for the next one.

ALOHA! Wayne

Seller / Buyer - New Jersey

Hello Jim,
The auction was very well thought out and planned.  Most importantly, it was executed to near perfection.  I highly recommend any sellers to consign at your auction in the future as well as buyers.
I have been to auctions in the East Coast, West Coast and Hawaii.  This auction by far was the best on the planet to date.  Buying was easy, selling was easy and delivery smooth.  Delivery was a big key factor.  Most of all, the honesty and integrity were of the highest standards and I was proud to be a part of it.
Looking forward to the next one,
Mike Miggs

Seller - Connecticut

Dear Jim,

I want to thank you again for the way you handled the sale of my black 1966 Greg Noll Da Cat. Not only was the online auction well thought out and professionally managed, you also nailed the other details. I felt you earned every cent of the seller's premium, and your check for the net proceeds of $17,000 arrived on a timely basis and cleared without delay.

I recommend your services to future sellers and I wish you continued success with your surfing business ventures.


Blunt White

Buyer - California

I thought the auctions were perfectly run, easy and exciting. I was on vacation and still able to participate, as it was all online. In the live auction, I was able to track all of the boards I was interested in and I was never sniped, due to the intelligent time extension tool. I felt very in control of the process and got fair prices for the boards I won. In the silent auction, it was exciting to see if the bids I made were winning ones. I was able to offer fair prices and enjoy watching the results pan out, scoring two vintage Nolls in the process. The invoice came in a timely fashion. I submitted payment and the boards arrived quickly thereafter. They were all packed securely and arrived safely. Obviously, it was a very positive experience and one worth repeating.

I still owe you shots of my collection! I am still hanging a couple of the new ones now. Thanks for your great work.



Seller - Hawaii

Thank you so much for your very professional and responsible care with my collectible items. You're top notch in the world of online auctions, and very responsive to our individual needs. From the very first communication to the last and final touch, it's been a great and fun experience.

Thank you,

Bill Hamilton

Buyer - Seattle


The auction was run very well and offered a wide range surfboards - I enjoyed it very much!



Buyer - California


I was impressed with the manner you dealt with unexpected issues that came up during the auction and post auction. This is going to be hard to top!! And it was fun!!


Buyer - California

You guys handled the auction really well. I do wish you luck with your future endeavors and I'll be looking forward to your next one.



Buyer - France

Hello Jim,

We bought several products on your web site and everything arrived in France now. I am very happy about the 5 boards and the magazine. Please let me know when you do another sale.

Thank in advance,


Buyer - California

Good Morning Jim: 

I thought the auction was great.  The quality of the merchandise was outstanding.  The communication and ease of the transaction was also excellent.  

I was skeptical at first, but you made a believer out of me! 

Great Job!
Thanks Burke

Seller - Florida

Aloha Jim,

I want to thank you for a job well done.  Everything went smooth and I did better than I hoped, can't ask for more than that.

The auction was a big success and I would recommend it to anyone.

Call me when you're ready, I have an original 1956 Greg Noll balsa I'd like to consign for the next auction.

Thanks again, Pete

Seller - Washington

Thanks USVSA. 

I am extremely impressed with the manner in which the auction was run before, during and after.

I admit I was a little concerned about sending you my surfer figurines before the auction. But of course everything went perfectly and I got way more than I would have gotten on eBay. I only wish I had more for the next auction.

Best of luck in the future, Beth

Buyer - California

The auction had a good selection that covered all eras and had something for everyone.

All in all the system worked very well and I complement your programmer and the auction process itself especially the anti sniper system.

I think it is great you are expanding the universe of collectors.

You can use my name. John Mazza

Seller - California

Gracias ..... Expertly run online auction. Well presented and well attended. No hitches!
joe t.

Buyer - Oregon

I enjoyed the auction very much, especially the days leading up to the final bidding! I got the 2 items I wanted and had fun seeing the bids as they happened.

Take care, warmest aloha from everyone here...
Kauaigirl aka Melissa S.

Buyer - England

Aloha from England!

I was really impressed with the quality and historical depth of the items up for auction - I only wish our museum had a bigger budget to purchase some of the items we would dearly love to have (like the original Doc Ball and Tom Blake books).

The items we won arrived safely and quickly after we had paid via international bank transfer.

Looking forward to your next auction - I just hope we have more cash in the bank next time round!

Peter Robinson, founder, British Surfing Museum www.thesurfingmuseum.co.uk

Buyer - France

Fantastic Auction Amazing!!!!

Jean Michel

Buyer - North Carolina

Thought the auction was a blast!  Can't wait for the next one, don't miss out.  Thanks again, Bob

Buyer - Oregon

Aloha USVSA!

Thank you for this opportunity to score one of your books, Vintage Surfboards. I am making it a gift for my SUP crazy husband.... I added an inscription request and appreciate the ability to personalize it.

I have gotten many inquiries on my board (bought in the March 2008 auction), so I am hoping there is info and a photo of it in the book as well... I am told it is one of a very few left and in better condition than others seen in Malibu, etc.

I look forward to the next auction and appreciate also that you took some of our comments to heart and improved the site!

Mahalo for the fix and your book, it appears to be a keeper!
Aloha from Oregon... wish we were in Maui... it's a bit chilly....

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I  

Just received my copy of Vintage Surfboards 1. It's beautiful. Do you have any more copies? I wanted to order one for a friend on the mainland. Pls advise.

-John E

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I  

Got the book today and I love it!  Can't wait for the auction.  Keep up the good work.

Steven R

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I

Hey Jim,

Book got here already and thanks for the care in packing.  Pretty impressive, I think it will be a collectible soon.  When will you be posting the auction items?

Thanks Tim

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I

Received the book - you guys did a super job!

1960's Hobie Team Rider - Les Reitman

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I

Aloha Guys,

I got the books and I love them.  I know you are limiting sales to 5 per person but if possible I would like 3 more because I'd like to gift 7 for Christmas and have 1 for myself.

I hear you're going to do another larger book next year, that's great.  Count me in.

Let me know about the books so I can get them here in time.

Jason D

Buyer - Vintage Surfboards I

Hi Jim...

Just a quick note to thanks for the 'Vintage Surfboards' books that I have just received...They are fantastic...

One quick question if you can advise are there any 2007,2008 and 2009 auction catalogs still available?....If so how much for 4 copies of each to go with the books I have just received.

Please advise by return e-mail..

Kind regards
Paul C

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