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A common practice of online auction bidders is to 'snipe'. 

A snipe is a bid placed in the last few minutes or even seconds from the ending time of the auction. The purpose of this is to eliminate bidding competition. By placing a bid so close to the end, time will have lapsed before the bidder that has been outbid can place another bid.

USVSA has come up with a solution to sniping, we call it the Auto Auction Extension.

Auto Auction Extension

USVSA has developed a fair solution to the snipe issue.

Now an item that has been bid on near the end of the auction (sniped) will cause the ending time on that item to be automatically extended.  This will give the person that has been outbid the opportunity to place another bid. 

The ending time of the auction will continue extending each time another bid is placed.  The auction will close only when there has been no bidding activity for a predetermined amount of time.

This is much more fair to all the participants and bonus - you'll feel like you're at a live auction while comfortably relaxing at home.

NEW: If an auction closing is being extended because of late bidding activity, the closing time on all subsequent auction lots will also be extended. So now you will not have to worry about missing the closing on a later auction if you're involved in an earlier one.

NEW: Now you can click on "Click To Refresh Result" (conveniently located next to both the 'Time Left' and 'High Bidder' on every 'Auction Detail' page) to see if you've been outbid and you'll know when the auction has ended for that lot.

We suggest you keep refreshing every 10 to 20 seconds until it has closed!

IMPORTANT: To avoid losing out to a last second sniper, you should watch the lots you're bidding on until the auction has definitely closed.

REMEMBER: In the last minutes of the auction, it's very important that every 10 seconds or so, you refresh your browser.
Or click on "Click To Refresh Result" located next to both the 'Time Left' and 'High Bidder' on every 'Auction Detail' page.

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