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Bid by phone or mail

Remember, this auction takes place entirely online, giving anyone anywhere an equal opportunity to place bids and win.

Because not everyone will have access to a computer during the auction, we offer three ways you can place a bid.

1. Online internet: Place bids yourself from any computer by entering the bid amount in the box located at the bottom of all auction item pages. Most people prefer to enter 'Proxy bids', while others choose to place a new bid each time they've been outbid. Read more about our special internet bidding and the Auto Auction Extension.

2. Assisted Phone Bidding: At your request, we will call you the day before the auction ends. On the day the auction ends we will call you about 5 minutes before the item or lot you are interested in approaches closing. Your phone assistant will relay the current bids and place bids for you.

So even if you're caught in traffic, out to dinner or out of the country, you will be able to bid with a phone assistant bidder. Fill out the simple 'Print Phone Bid Form'. Once you've completed the form you can either fax or mail back to us. If you prefer, we can assist you in filling out the form over the phone. Just call us.

3. Written Bids: These are bids that anyone can leave with the auction house to execute for them. USVSA will place bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to outbid the next highest bidder or to meet the reserve.

In no event will USVSA ever bid beyond your maximum. To submit a written bid, click here. Once you've completed the form, fax, email or snail mail back to us. If you prefer, we can assist you in filling out the form over the phone and mail to you for your signature.

United States Vintage Surfboard Auction logo
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