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USVSA vs. Other Online Auctions

Time is money

Looking through the many thousands of non vintage and non surf related items on sites like ebay or yahoo to find the 'needle in a hay stack' can be incredibly time consuming and inefficient.

Spending hundreds of hours sifting through miles of junk to find the occasional gem can be daunting and eventually frustrating.  And all too often the gem is lost in the mix or cannot be found because the seller neglected to use a correct 'search' word or phrase, mis-spelled or simply listed the item incorrectly.

Because USVSA is dedicated only to all vintage, rare and limited surfing related objects, it's always super easy to find exactly what you're looking for.  You'll only need to look through about 100 to 200 interesting vintage items at any one time.

Availability of the rare

Many of the items offered through USVSA would not be made available through the mass auction web sites.  Owners of these treasures are usually to busy, don't have the time or the need to bother with it.  Many sellers and buyers are now fearful the of huge numbers of frauds and scams that have become common place on the massive auction sites.  Other sellers feel their valuable collectible is far to precious to offer in one of the massive online 'garage sale' type auction sites.

We have four (4) facilities at key locations throughout the United States, East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast and Hawaii.  This gives us a unique advantage and opportunity in finding and accessing owners that would not otherwise be able to offer their 'buried' treasures.

These sellers have allowed USVSA to offer their unique items because we are trusted, proven specialists that cater to a select audience.

Auto Auction Extension

We know how frustrating it can be to get 'sniped'; outbid in the last moments of an auction.  USVSA has developed a fair solution to the snipe issue.  At USVSA any item that has been bid on near the end of the auction will cause the ending time on that item to be automatically extended allowing you another chance to bid again.

The 'Auto Auction Extension' will continue extending until all bidding has ceased for a predetermined amount of time.  We believe this will create a 'live' auction feel as well as being fairer to all the participants.

Hacking, identity theft and fraud

Unfortunately, the large mass auction sites are experiencing a rash of hackers and scam artists that use both the seller's and buyer's identity to perpetrate fraud.  At best it's difficult to know who you're buying from and if they can be trusted.  Are they describing the item accurately, will they still be in business if you have questions or issues?

Of course if you have been scammed on those big auction sites, then you already know there's not much you can do about it.  Fortunately, those problems will never be an issue with USVSA.  Because we retain no financial and very limited personal information on our site, there is nothing for the hackers to waste their time with.  Also compared to the massive eBay type sites, we are small and personally oversee all facets of the auction so there's no chance of fraud happening here.  We are well established and have been dealing in vintage surfing collectibles for more than a decade.  We have a proven track record and thousands of satisfied customers worldwide to prove it.

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