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Online Auction

While our auctions take place entirely online, we have designed them to give the feeling of being at a live auction. USVSA online auctions operates similar to other live or on line auctions with some very special differences.

Read these three important links:


Place your best proxy bid (more on proxy bids below) in the box provided at the bottom of the auction page.

We suggest bidding early and placing your highest bid to avoid being outbid in the last few moments of the auction.

It's also a good idea to check on the status of your bids as the auction progresses, particularly in the last minutes of the auction.

As always feel free to contact us if you experience any difficulty.

Proxy Bids

Most people prefer to place "proxy" bids and here's how it works.

You place a bid for the maximum amount you're willing to pay. Your maximum bid amount is kept confidential from other bidders.

The USVSA system automatically places bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to outbid the next highest bidder or to meet the reserve price. In no event will it ever bid beyond your maximum.

If you choose to increase your maximum you can do so at any time by simply placing another bid. If another bidder has a higher maximum, you will be outbid. However, if no other bidder has a higher maximum, you will win the item at the lowest possible increment. So you could pay significantly less than your maximum price! This means you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed.

Phone Assisted Bidding

At your request, we will give you a personalized call to remind you the auction is closing.  We will also call you a few minutes before the lot(s) you're interested in close.  We will inform you of the current price and assist you in placing bids as needed.  For more on this service see the 'Phone assisted bidding' page located on the side bar.

Absentee (Proxy) Bidding

If for any reason you are not able to place bids online with USVSA we can assist with 'Proxy' Bids.

To avoid loosing out, we would urge you to place these bids as early as possible for the highest amount you are willing to pay. We may not be able to help you if you wait until the last couple days before closing.

While we will do our best to notify you in the event you are outbid, we suggest you check back regularly, particularly in the last hour to check the status of your bids.

If you need to increase a bid you can try calling but don't count on reaches us in the last day of the auction.

Auction Snipes & Auto Auction Extension

You should be aware of auction snipes, we suggest you read the information page on Snipe and Auto Auction Extension.

Pre-auction estimates

Pre-auction estimates have been determined by using sales from earlier auctions, private sales and expert knowledge. These are only estimates in a range of prices the item might bring. This is intended only as a helpful guide for prospective bidders. It is common for the rare, unusual or quality items to sell for far more than the auction estimates so be sure to bid accordingly.

Auction Time Clocks

All auction starting and ending times are based on U.S.A Pacific Standard Time (PST). 

On the home page of the web site you will find a clock that counts down in days, hours and minutes to the start of the next auction. 

On the side bar you will find the link to 'World Times' which will show you the time in different countries around the world.  We hope this will help you to never miss an auction.

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