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Feb. 21, 2009  US Vintage Surf Auction

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Now four (4) locations, East Coast, West Coast, Gulf Coast and Hawaii.

Next auction, begins on Saturday, February 21, 2009 at 8:00 am.

Countdown to the Feb. 21, 2009 auction

2009-2-21 8:00:00 GMT-08:00

U.S. Pacific Time

World's first & only online vintage surf auction.

Now for the first time ever, you can bid and buy in a safe, secure and anonymous setting. Save the hassle, expense and time of traveling to a 'live' surf auction or combing through miles of junk at 'mass auction' sites in the hope of finding a needle in a hay stack.

Bid from the comfort of your own home and invest the money you've saved into your vintage surf collection!

Unique features enhance your auction experience!

USVSA is very proud to offer features unique to any previous vintage surfboard auction. For example, USVSA's Auto Auction Extension will help to assure you never again get out bid in the last few seconds by an auction 'sniper' or 'floor bidder'.

Take a few minutes to find out why bidding at home can save you thousands of dollars and offer a greater degree of security. Read the Online vs. Live Auctions and USVSA vs. Other Auction Sites pages for complete explanations.

2008 Auction - Rare & Antique Surfboards & Collectibles

Among some of the extraordinary finds that surfaced for the March auction is a 1930's muli-laminated 11' wood Hawaiian Makaha 'Hotcurl', probably the most rare of any surfboard. The Hotcurl was the first board ever designed for the big waves that were only found and surfed in Hawaii.

Other antique & vintage surfboards at auction included:

  • Turn - of - the -century Hawaiian Alai'a
  • Early 1900 plank
  • 1920's redwood plank
  • Several 1930's Tom Blake models including a MINT 'Hawaiian Surfboard'
  • 1940's Bob Simmons balsa Spoon
  • 1950s balsa boards by Quigg, Hobie, Velzy and Noll
  • Some exceptional 1960's model boards by Bing, Weber, Noll, Gordon & Smith, Rick, Greek and others.
  • Hawaiian big wave guns by Surfboards Hawaii, Hobie, Interisland, George Downing, Dick Brewer & others
  • Floral & paisley boards from the 60's
  • And a variety of 1970's boards including Hawaiian guns and airbrushed art boards.

Antique & scarce surf art and surfing collectibles

In addition to vintage surfboards, also offered were:

  • Surf related art dating from the mid 1700's through 1950's
  • Superb 1920's metal and koa surfer statue
  • Rare 30's surfing ceramics
  • Special surf trophies from the 1950's through 1970's including 2 Duke Kahanamoku trophies
  • A very seldom seen early 1900's outrigger paddle
  • Scarce books by Doc Ball and Tom Blake
  • Vintage surf clothing
  • Ephemera and more.

Questions or consignments for the next auction?

For inquiries or to have your collectible considered for consignment, you can email us at Auction@USVSA.com or call us toll free at (877) 969-7171. If you are in Hawaii call (808) 969-7171.

Your comments and suggestions are always encouraged and welcome.

Please enjoy and thank you for your participation.


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